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    Card on Card
    Players: 2-4

    Number of Cards: Number cards from 1-12 (x4) / no Jokers

    Educational Value:
    Helps with identifying and consolidating figures.

    Goal: The first player to have no more cards is the winner.

    Preparation: Every player gets the same number of cards. One card is placed in the center of the table and is turned over. This becomes the ‘center card’.

    How to Play: Each player takes a turn to see if he has a card which matches the number or color of the ‘center card’. If he does, this becomes the new ‘center card’ which the next player must then play with. If he does not, he misses a turn.
    The winner is the first player to get rid of all of his cards (or if no more turns can be made, the player with the fewest remaining cards).

    By: Mirko Mieland