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    Cheating Allowed!
    Players: 2-5

    Number of Cards: Number cards from 1-12 (x4) / no Jokers.

    Educational Value:
    Helps understanding of numbers and number sequences.

    Goal: The first player to have no more cards is the winner – cheating is allowed, but you must not get caught!

    Preparation: A Dealer is chosen to shuffle the cards then deal the all out to the players.

    How to Play: The player to the left of the Dealer begins, and puts down a card face-down on the table and says “This is a 1”. Only the player knows whether this is true or not.
    If the next player believes him, he takes his turn by putting a card face-down on the table and saying “This is a 2”. Again, only he knows whether this is true or not.
    The rest of the players then continue this cycle until 12 is reached, when the cycle begins again from 1.
    If at any point someone believes a player to be cheating, he says “Cheat!” and turns over the card they just put down. If the player was lying, he has to take all of the cards - but if he was telling the truth, the person who challenged him has to take them!

    Variation: Instead of beginning with 1, why not start at 12?

    Variation: If Jokers are included in the dealing, a player who has been caught cheating can use one to save himself: when he is caught, he can put down a Joker and not have to take the cards.

    Natascha Sochorec