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    Scary Sevens
    Players: 2-4

    Number of Cards: Number cards from 1-12 (x4) / 4 Jokers.

    Educational Value:
    Aids identification and addition of quantities and numbers.

    Goal: The last player to stay below 25 and keep a Joker is the winner.

    Preparation: Each player is dealt 7 cards and a Joker (with 2 players, each get 2 Jokers). The remaining cards are placed face-down in a pile in the center of the table.

    How to Play: Each player takes a turn to place a card face-up on top of the previous card. Everyone in the group says aloud the running total by adding the value of each card together.
    Every time a player puts a card down, he takes a new card from the pile in the center of the table. The goal is to keep the total below 25, and the player who breaks this limit is the loser.
    When a player loses, he gives up his Joker: the last player to keep a Joker is the winner.
    WARNING: When a ‘Scary Seven’ is played, it reduces the current total by 7. This can be cleverly used at the end of a game!

    Variation: Start at 100 and work to 0 – but this time the ‘Scary Seven’ adds 7 to the total!

    Variation: Jokers can be used to reset the total to its starting point.

    Variation: Adapt the range of numbers used to the ability of the players.

    Saskya Schmidt